Adaptability and options in Magnetic Lifting

Almost every application for lifting magnets requires a unique approach and that is why it is important to talk with experienced engineers who can provide clear guidance as well as a broad range of product options. Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics offers both long experience and a wide array of possibilities in magnets for lifting any type of steel.

Magnetic lifting of bundles of tube, pipe or bar requires a different type of magnetic field to that required for lifting plate.

Serpent & Dove is able to meet all these requirements. It is this adaptability in product offering that is helping customers find answers to steel lifting and handling problems. Whether the problem needs permanent lifting magnets, our lightweight Mag-Frame Magnetic Steel Sheet Lifter or a Tecnomagnete heavy steel lifting system (suitable for lifting large plate, beams, bundles or pipe), or a battery-operated magnetic lifter, there is an answer that will make the lifting and handling of steel safer, easier and smarter. 


Our consultants will provide knowledge and sensible answers.

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