Patents and Intellectual Property

Constant product review and innovation are a cornerstone of our recognition at the forefront of applied magnetic technology relating to magnetic lifting, magnetic clamping and work-holding and magnetic safety devices. At Serpent & Dove, we recognise that standing still, relying on old-generation ideas and designs, or selling copy-cat products, are all routes to dead-ends.

That's why 'Finding ways with Magnets' is Serpent & Dove's by-line. We like to find ways to overcome problems - using lifting magnets, magnetic separators and magnetic work holders and clamps. Patents applied for or pending (at November 2012) include improved, lightweight and more flexible Pilot Ladder Magnets and new Switchable Pilot Ladder Magnets

A few of our more recent Patents include the following:

  • Modular Electro Lifting Magnet System

  • Improvements to magnetic clamps for Marine Pilot Ladders

  • Magnetically attached safety walkway

  • Rollalong Welders Magnetic Square

  • Improvements to our Magnetic Earth/Ground Clamp

  • Magnetic Clamp for ship accommodation ladder (NL2011620 Pilot Ladder Magnet)

  • 'Claymore Wand' special ganged magnetic wand for use in the oil drilling industry


Modular Electro Lifting Magnet System'Çlaymore Wand' special ganged magnetic wand for use in the oil drilling industryMagnetically attached safety walkwayImprovements to our Magnetic Earth/Ground ClampRollalong Welders Magnetic Square