The safest lifting magnets use the best technology

The advantages offered by magnetic lifters for steel handling are being recognised widely across the industry. The use of lifting magnets does , however, bring safety concerns to many, and therefore the selection of the safest technology is important. Not all lifting magnets are the same and not all are as safe as others. It is certainly not true to say that one lifting magnet is as good as another.

Magnetic lifters using inferior technology can fail to concentrate the available magnetic field where it's needed - at the lifting face. The result is diminished lifting power, particularly should the rear of the magnet contact steel during a lift - or should the user require a magnetic lifter that can be mounted to steel by the rear face. In either of these circumstances, magnetic flux may be robbed from the lifting face to such an extent that both capacity and safety are compromised. The safest lifting magnet is one that ensures all the magnetic field is where it needs to be.

Tecnomagnete's MaxX Magnetic Lifters from Serpent & Dove employ patented Neutral Crown technology that ensures that all of the available magnetic fields is directed to the working face of the lifting magnet.


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