Small Electromagnets

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Small electromagnets find applications in a variety of industrial and OEM situations as diverse as fire-door clamp and release mechanisms, pick and place magnets for robotic applications, cattle gate security, air conditioning vent closures - even horse-racing start gates. Single or multiple small electromagnets are frequently used as lifting magnets, especially in thin sheet lifting applications.

Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics manufactures two small electromagnets and also represents Kanetec of Japan with their large suite of complementing electromagnets, ranging from 10 mm diameter to various rectangular and bi-polar units for clamping and lifting.

Stubby Electromagnet

  • 60 mm diameter
  • 12 or 24 v.DC.  


Stubby Data Sheet (PDF file = 46 kb)
Stubby Test Sheet (PDF file = 32 kb)
Stubby Dimensions (PDF file = 17 kb)

Modular-Mag Electromagnet

Serpent & Dove’s Modular-Mag system is an adaptable modular 24 v. DC Electromagnetic Lifter providing up to 46 Kgs WLL capacity per 150 mm of length. The Modular-Mag system can be assembled in modules from 240 mm to 3 metres or more in length and is suitable for mounting within automated systems or on lifting arms or gantries. Suitable for lifting and handling steel plate, tubes or work-pieces.

Download details of the extensive Kanetec range here (Files size 4.6 megs)