Lifting Magnets for every steel lifting duty

Here's a picture showing permanent-electro magnet array designed to safely lift multiples of steel billets. 

Advances in lifting magnet technology in recent years mean that today almost any steel type or configuration can be lifted and handled using magnets. Tecnomagnete of Italy (represented in Australia by Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd), is at the forefront of these advances in magnetic lifting technology.

The safety and productivity offered by using magnets for lifting now make them the preferred option with steel-handling businesses wishing to streamline operations. Whether the steel to be lifted and handled is plate, coil, pipe or tube - or indeed, bundles of pipe, rod or bar - there is usually a magnetic solution. Options available today include permanent on/off magnetic lifters and a wide range of permanent-electro lifting systems having configurations to suit bundles, plates and steel coils (which are able to be lifted with core vertical or horizontal). It is even possible to lift steel plate from a vertical storage position and transfer to horizontal using Tecnomagnete's Tilt-Beam lifting magnet system. Permanent-Electro lifters employ both fail-safe and low-energy technology favoured for today's safety and energy-conscious industrial world.

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