Lifting Magnets in Australian OEM Applications

Lifting magnets from Serpent & Dove are increasingly being used in OEM applications across Australia to improve productivity and safety.    

For example, mill relining specialist Russell Mineral Equipment uses permanent magnetic lifters on their range of Thunderbolt hammers to save time whilst ensuring a much safer working environment.  

Several MaxX lifting magnets efficiently, safely and easily locate the moil of their THUNDERBOLT hammers used to remove liner bolts from grinding mill shells.  

Julie Mc Kerrow, Marketing Co-ordinator at RME says 'the Tecnomagnete lifting magnets from Serpent & Dove assist in speeding up the process while making it safer for clients, as there is no need for operators to be within the operating zone of the hammer'.  

MaxX magnetic lifters can be rear-mounted on steel without depleting magnetic strength. With the lifting eye removed, two substantial tapped holes are available for mounting from the rear.   MaxX lifting magnets use patented 'neutral crown' technology and no deterioration in magnetic strength at the magnet face occurs when the back of the magnet is in contact with steel.  

Lifting magnets that do not employ this technology are not ideal for rear mounting on steel as allowance must be made for loss of holding or lifting capacity.  

This technology makes MaxX magnetic lifters the most suitable for mounting into OEM equipment.  

MaxX lifting magnets are supplied with a 5-year warranty.


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