Gauss Meter/Tesla Meter for validation & measurement of magnetic fields. Check grate or plate magnet strength with your own calibrated meter. In stock in Australia now.

The most ideal Gaussmeter for professional testing and validation of grate magnets in food industry or other magnet fields is the Magsys model HGM09 handheld Gaussmeter and Teslameter.

Although most rare earth magnets are intrinsically stable, many food plant operators today like to validate the strength of their magnets annually to ensure maximum protection from tramp iron and to meet stringent quality standards.

Some HGM09s Features:

Complete functionality with only 4 push buttons: Peak hold feature locks on to highest reading.

Data storage on a personal computer via keystroke.

The MAGSYS HGM09s stands out for simple operation and price/performance ratio.

The handheld gaussmeter HGM09s is used to measure magnetic DC and AC fields. The measurands are flux density in Tesla or Gauss and the field strength in Amps per meter.

The HGM09s is supplied with rechargeable batteries and is easy to use as a portable device.

For stationary bench-top use it is equipped with a power supply unit and a USB cable (included in delivery) acting as additional battery charger.

High measuring accuracy with several built-in features.

Results for magnetic flux density are shown in either Tesla or Gauss and field strength in amps per meter. The HGM09 measures up to 4.5 Tesla for flux density and 3800 A/m for field strength with resolution down to 1 Tesla or 1A/m.


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