S & D develop a new range of plate magnets

Serpent and Dove has developed a new range of lightweight permanent 'plate' magnets for suspension over conveyor belts.

They are designed for suspension heights up to 250 mm over flat or troughed conveyors.

Employing a combination of ferrite and neodymium materials in the poles to generate a deep-reaching field, the magnets recover 'tramp iron' from conveyed materials such as grain, grapes, gravel and sand.

Removal of offending nails, staples, welding rods and other tramp iron, not only delivers clean product but also protects downstream process equipment such as crushers, grinders and mills.

The Serpent and Dove premier model special 'Plate' magnets come in widths to suit many belt conveyors and are designed with the budget constraints of small to medium plants in mind.


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