Spiral Magnetic Filter to Remove Iron Particles

Remove iron particles from liquids as diverse as printing ink, custard or oil.

The Serpent and Dove Spiral Magnetic Filter features a 75 mm diameter neodymium magnet core within a 150 mm diameter stainless steel vessel. Inlet and outlet spigots are tangential to the body so that fluids travel a spiral path from inlet to outlet.

This spiral trajectory around the magnetic core provides maximum exposure time for iron particles to the magnetic core and also eliminates product dead spots. The 300 mm long magnet element produces up to 1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss) on its surface to remove both fine and large iron and in addition can be sleeved with magnetic stainless steel mesh to magnetically capture very fine or feebly magnetic particles on induced mesh edges.

The Spiral Magnetic Filter is available in food-grade finish and is furnished with over-centre clamps to allow quick withdrawal of the magnetic element for periodic cleaning.

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