Tramp Iron Magnets for Conveyors Maximise Up-Time

Serpent and Dove - Applied Magnetics improves up-time in Aussie industries.

'Tramp iron' is unwanted iron that turns up in most processes and costs huge amounts of money in damage to crushers, grinders and milling equipment, as well as in downtime and lost production. Damaging items can range from a nail to a train wheel but they can all be removed with Tramp Iron Magnets from Serpent & Dove. Tramp Iron Magnets - also called tramp metal magnets and cross-belt separators - can be permanent or electrotypes in manual or self-cleaning styles depending on requirements. Serpent and Dove recently conducted tests to determine the magnetic field strength required to remove grinding balls from gold ore for an Australian mine. A suitable magnet was supplied with great success and savings. Another, supplied to a brick-making plant has improved conveyor and plant up-time by over 10%, providing a very quick return on investment. 

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