Wet Drum Magnetic Separators from Stearns & Serpent & Dove used in coal and iron ore applications

Stearns Wet Drum Magnetic Separators from Serpent & Dove are typically used in coal and iron ore applications. Heavy media processes typically use finely ground magnetite or ferrosilicon as the media to adjust the density of the water and separate products that sink from products that float.

Losses occur when media particles cling to either the 'sink' or 'float' products, and can be minimised with the use of Serpent & Dove's wet drum magnetic separators.  

The 'float' and 'sink' products are passed over drain and rinse screens to rinse off clinging media particles. The resulting slurry is then passed through the wet drum magnetic separator to recover a large amount (> 99.9% in many cases) of the magnetite or ferrosilicon particles to be re-introduced into the heavy media bath.

Magnetic separators are also used to concentrate iron ore.

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